Oregon Conference Youth Support Offering

In 2016 the "Youth Education Fund" (YEF) was renamed to "Oregon Conference Youth Support" (OCYS) and restructured to better support the youth and young adults in our conference. The OCYS offering is broken down as follows:

Ten times each year the Oregon Conference Youth Support offering will be specifically collected at our conference churches. The conference will be providing videos for congregations to use for their offering calls on those Sabbaths. See below for available videos. Additional videos will be added as they are created.

2016 OCYS Offering Sabbaths

February 27
March 26
April 23
May 28
June 25
August 27
September 24
October 22
November 26
December 24

Why Wait?

There's no need to wait until those dates to give to our conference youth. Give any Sabbath using a tithe envelope and choosing the OCYS offering. Or give online anytime through Adventist Online Giving.

May 28, 2016 Offering Video

Unfortunately the offering video for May will not be available to play for your Church service due to technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please use a previous video or the provided reading (below) for this week's Oregon Conference Youth Support Offering instead.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to refine our process for creating videos.

April 23, 2016 Offering Video

Blair Offering for April 23 on Vimeo.

March 26, 2016 Offering Video

Or find it on YouTube: March 2016 Offering Video Link

February 27, 2016 Offering Reading

God has given us the privilege of joining Him in the work of salvation.  Bringing our offerings to Him is part of His plan for us to support the work of bringing the Good News to our world. 

Today’s loose offering is for our new main Conference Offering, “Oregon Conference Youth Support”. This offering affects our youth in three different areas:

First, today’s offering helps to support the continued strong academic, social and spiritual education of our young people within our 3 stand-alone academies, CAA, PAA and Milo which represents almost 500 of our young people.

Today’s offering also supports our Youth Camp, Big Lake, which has been influencing the spiritual lives of our young people through outdoor leadership training in a natural, beautiful setting for over 50 years.  This last year new attendance records were set at Big Lake.

The third area of support from today’s offering is for Young Adult Ministries which provides spiritual fellowship and ministry opportunity on our secular university campuses and local young adult ministry for our young people in the 18-30 age group.

This world is truly not our home and we will soon realize our goal of walking into a Kingdom made new hand in hand with the young people God has given to our care where we will spend eternity with a loving God.  Your support for this offering today will help us all reach that goal of seeing young people chose Jesus as their personal friend.